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based in copenhagen

Jul 29, ’15

We love having a blog where we can share the technical aspects of our development with other developers, but as Static Sky inches ever closer towards shipping, we have to acknowledge that many people are more interested in the game than the making of the game.

anatomy of a frame

Jul 22, ’15

Hi there! Since we’ve now pretty much solidified the rendering (just quality/speed tradeoffs from here-on-out), I made an overview of how a frame gets rendered on the iPad version.

unite europe 2015

Jul 6, ’15

In this video from Unite Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, I discuss player input and camera control in Static Sky. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments here and I’ll elaborate on some of the techniques that we’re using in future blog posts.

action trailer

Jun 25, ’15

Hello! Were in Amsterdam this week talking about Static Sky, and we wanted to share a video that shows some of the latest from the game.

frequently asked questions

Aug 29, ’14

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting quite a few questions about Static Sky. Thanks for the interest – it’s really nice that you care… Since the same things come up, we thought we’d take the time to get the most common ones answered in one place…

A few useful shortcuts

Jan 21, ’14

Hi there. Been a while (we’ve been very busy), but I figured I’d just share a few keyboard shortcuts we added to the editor window to make our life a bit easier: Find in Project (CMD-G)Starts a project view search. I use it all the time for quick access to an asset I want to edit Deselect (d)Clears the selection. Useful for seeing what you’re doing without the selection mesh. Center on ChildrenCenters a GameObject on its children. Create Group (CMD-SHIFT-G)Takes all objects in the selection and parents them to a new gameobject SceneView – numpad 7Moves to a top-down…

new screenshots (part 2)

Nov 15, ’13

We’re closing out the week with a few more work-in-progress environment screenshots from the opening level of Static Sky, our cyberpunk squad shooter for iPads.

soundtrack by 0edit

Nov 13, ’13

We’re extremely excited to announce that Sydney-based composer Ed Harrison (aka 0edit) is working with us to create the soundtrack for Static Sky. We first encountered Ed’s work on the Neotokyo mod for Half-Life 2, and he has been at the top of our list of potential coconspirators since we started this project, so it is great to have him on board.

new screenshots

Nov 12, ’13

Today we’re sharing some in-game environment renders from the (still very much work-in-progress) first level of Static Sky, our cyberpunk squad shooter for iPads. We’ll follow-up in the next few weeks with some “making of” posts focused on the art and more of the tech.