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A few useful shortcuts

Jan 21, ’14

Hi there. Been a while (we’ve been very busy), but I figured I’d just share a few keyboard shortcuts we added to the editor window to make our life a bit easier: Find in Project (CMD-G)Starts a project view search. I use it all the time for quick access to an asset I want to edit Deselect (d)Clears the selection. Useful for seeing what you’re doing without the selection mesh. Center on ChildrenCenters a GameObject on its children. Create Group (CMD-SHIFT-G)Takes all objects in the selection and parents them to a new gameobject SceneView – numpad 7Moves to a top-down…

soundtrack by 0edit

Nov 13, ’13

We’re extremely excited to announce that Sydney-based composer Ed Harrison (aka 0edit) is working with us to create the soundtrack for Static Sky. We first encountered Ed’s work on the Neotokyo mod for Half-Life 2, and he has been at the top of our list of potential coconspirators since we started this project, so it is great to have him on board.

poor mans nested prefabs

Sep 12, ’13

One of the things we’re sorely missing from Unity is nested prefabs. So we rolled this little script to help us out – and figured other people could benefit as well. You just add this script to a gameobject, and point the prefab field at the prefab you want instantiated.

bake time

Sep 4, ’13

Static Sky is a game for tablets, and even though the latest iPad is a beast*, there are some things that you just don’t want to be doing at runtime on a mobile device…

lighting #2 – attenuation

Jun 17, ’13

This is the part of a series of blog posts on rendering in our cyberpunk tablet game, Static Sky. For an introduction, check out our overview of rendering post. In this post, we’re going to look at how light attenuates, both in traditional realtime rendering and with our modified falloffs for Static Sky.

lighting #1 – hybrid lights

Jun 10, ’13

This is the first of a series of blog posts on rendering in Static Sky. We yanked out Unity’s lighting system and replaced it with our own, super fast one that’s specialised for rendering tons of bumped dynamic lights at 60FPS. This post will talk about the hybrid lighting model that we’re using.

rendering static sky

Jun 10, ’13

For Static Sky we want to render a neon, cyberpunk world that runs smoothly on an iPad. In this blog post, we’ll outline a roadmap for a series of updates that will go into detail on how we are doing that.

syncing events with audio

Jun 6, ’13

Pacing is critical in Static Sky, so while it isn’t a rhythm game, we’re doing a lot to synchronize events and audio. One of the tools we’re using is a super simple class called Beat, which synchronizes events using the number of samples the audio system processes. I thought it might be nice to share the code with you.