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A few useful shortcuts

by Nicholas Francis
Jan 21, 2014

Hi there.

Been a while (we’ve been very busy), but I figured I’d just share a few keyboard shortcuts we added to the editor window to make our life a bit easier:

  • Find in Project (CMD-G)
    Starts a project view search. I use it all the time for quick access
    to an asset I want to edit
  • Deselect (d)
    Clears the selection. Useful for seeing what you’re doing without the selection mesh.
  • Center on Children
    Centers a GameObject on its children.
  • Create Group (CMD-SHIFT-G)
    Takes all objects in the selection and parents them to a new gameobject
  • SceneView – numpad 7
    Moves to a top-down ISO view for better placement
  • SceneView – numpad 1
    Moves to a front ISO view for better placement
  • SceneView – numpad 3
    Moves to a side ISO view for better placement
  • SceneView – numpad 0
    orients the Scene View in the direction of the main camera
  • SceneView – numpad 5
    Toggles ISO

None of these support undo or anything fancy – they’re just one-liners that I added to speed up workflow.

Copy/paste this into a .cs file in an editor directory

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class Shortcuts  {
	[MenuItem ("Edit/Deselect _d")]
	static void DeselectAll () {
		Selection.activeObject = null;
	static Shortcuts  ()
		SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate += CheckSceneShortcuts;
	static void CheckSceneShortcuts (SceneView view)
		Event evt = Event.current;
		if (evt.type == EventType.KeyDown) 
			switch (evt.keyCode)
			case KeyCode.Keypad7:
				view.LookAt (view.pivot, Quaternion.LookRotation (Vector3.down, Vector3.forward), view.size, true);
				evt.Use ();
			case KeyCode.Keypad1:
				view.LookAt (view.pivot, Quaternion.LookRotation (Vector3.right, Vector3.up), view.size, true);
				evt.Use ();
			case KeyCode.Keypad3:
				view.LookAt (view.pivot, Quaternion.LookRotation (Vector3.forward, Vector3.up), view.size, true);
				evt.Use ();
			case KeyCode.Keypad5:
				view.LookAt (view.pivot, view.rotation, view.size, !view.orthographic);
				evt.Use ();
			case KeyCode.Keypad0:
				if (Camera.main)
					view.LookAt (view.pivot, Camera.main.transform.rotation, view.size, false);
					evt.Use ();
	[MenuItem ("Assets/Find In Project %g", false, 0)]
	static void ProjectSearch ()
		// Get the internal UnityEditor.ObjectBrowser window
		System.Type t = typeof (EditorWindow).Assembly.GetType ("UnityEditor.ProjectBrowser");
		// Get the window & focus it
		EditorWindow win = EditorWindow.GetWindow (t); 
		win.Focus ();
		// Send a find command
		Event e = new Event ();
		e.type = EventType.ExecuteCommand;
		e.commandName = "Find";
		win.SendEvent (e);
	[MenuItem ("GameObject/Grouping/Create Group %#g")]
	static void CreateGroup ()
		GameObject newGO = new GameObject ("Group");
		foreach (GameObject go in Selection.gameObjects)
			go.transform.parent = newGO.transform;
		Selection.activeGameObject = newGO;
		CenterOnChildren ();
	[MenuItem ("GameObject/Grouping/Center on Children")]
	static void CenterOnChildren ()
		foreach (Transform root in Selection.GetFiltered(typeof(Transform), SelectionMode.TopLevel | SelectionMode.ExcludePrefab | SelectionMode.Editable))
			Vector3 min = new Vector3 (Mathf.Infinity, Mathf.Infinity, Mathf.Infinity);
			Vector3 max = new Vector3 (-Mathf.Infinity, -Mathf.Infinity, -Mathf.Infinity);
			List<Vector3> origPos = new List<Vector3> ();
			bool found = false;
			foreach (Transform t in root)
				found = true;
				min = Vector3.Min (min, t.position);
				max = Vector3.Max (max, t.position);
				origPos.Add (t.position);
			if (found)
				Vector3 centerPoint = (max + min) / 2f;
				root.position = centerPoint;
				int idx = 0;
				foreach (Transform t in root)
					t.position = origPos[idx++];