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anatomy of a frame

by Nicholas Francis
Jul 22, 2015

Hi there!

Since we’ve now pretty much solidified the rendering (just quality/speed tradeoffs from here-on-out), I made an overview of how a frame gets rendered on the iPad version.

Check it out:

(other versions will be rendered the same, but the resolutions/pixel depths will be different)

If you have any questions about this, please write below and I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂

by Pahe
July 22, 2015

First: awesome work guys!

I’ve got a question to the glow and blur effects. Did you write your own shaders or used the Unity standard ones? I’m haing hard times to actually get them running without dropping to 5 fps on mobile.

by Nicholas Francis
July 22, 2015


We’re rolling our own across the board (including all in-game shaders) for performance. Unity’s glow usually runs acceptably, but you CANNOT have anti-aliasing enabled on iOS

by Joey
July 23, 2015

Looks awesome!

What is the constants texture actually used for?

by John
July 30, 2015

The selection circle under your character is being rendered on top of him 😛

by framebunker
July 30, 2015

@John – some of the actual art assets are still placeholder and are still using temporary shaders.

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