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We’re talking about the design of Static Sky in this category. Topics will range from gameplay mechanics to systems design.

unite europe 2015

Jul 6, ’15

In this video from Unite Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, I discuss player input and camera control in Static Sky. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments here and I’ll elaborate on some of the techniques that we’re using in future blog posts.

frequently asked questions

Aug 29, ’14

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting quite a few questions about Static Sky. Thanks for the interest – it’s really nice that you care… Since the same things come up, we thought we’d take the time to get the most common ones answered in one place…

enemy guard concept art

Apr 25, ’13

I took a some time last week to step away from the code and work on a little concept art to address one of the challenges that we faced when building the prototype that we demoed at GDC: too much awesome in all the wrong places. Ok, picture this: The regional distribution and processing warehouse for the AIOMI corporation occupies the southwest corner of one of the hundreds of non-descript industrial parks that encircle the city. AIOMI security has logged exactly two incidents at this facility in the last six months — one involved a would-be vandal and the other…

hacking the static sky

Apr 16, ’13

The world of Static Sky pays homage to the “high tech and low life” focus of classic cyberpunk fiction. Hacking often plays a prominent role in these stories and we’re working hard to ensure that it is treated as a first-class game mechanic that opens opportunities for meaningful and emergent gameplay.

camera control

Apr 5, ’13

Complaints about camera micromanagement are common in reviews for 3D tactical shooters on touch devices. It makes sense — controlling the camera’s movement, rotation, and zooming while keeping touches distinct from issuing orders and commands is hard. Add in blocked visibility from hands and fingers on a device that is most likely being held while played, and you have a recipe for frustration. For Static Sky, we hope to avoid this common pitfall by removing camera management altogether and introducing a system for automatic camera control.