framebunker is an
independent game studio
based in copenhagen


This category is where we’ll post updates about Framebunker or things that aren’t entirely game-specific.

action trailer

Jun 25, ’15

Hello! Were in Amsterdam this week talking about Static Sky, and we wanted to share a video that shows some of the latest from the game.

frequently asked questions

Aug 29, ’14

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting quite a few questions about Static Sky. Thanks for the interest – it’s really nice that you care… Since the same things come up, we thought we’d take the time to get the most common ones answered in one place…

framebunker interviews

May 24, ’13

For those following us on Facebook or Twitter, this is old news, but since we’ve been super busy this week and forgot to update our blog (seriously? I know!) we’re taking the easy way out and reposting old stuff here.

oculus experiments

May 10, ’13

We got a Rift from the Oculus guys and have been playing around with it while working on Static Sky. Today, we took the ancient Unity Race Car tutorial and added the Oculus Rift head controller to it. If you have a Rift and are interested in checking it out, there’s download links to it over in our swanky new media page.


Apr 3, ’13

The vast majority of tablet games are utterly forgettable. Many of them are profitable and some of them are even fun, but few-if-any are the kind of games that will make it worthwhile hunting down an iPad emulator to re-play in 20 years.