framebunker is an
independent game studio
based in copenhagen

anatomy of a frame

Jul 22, ’15

Hi there! Since we’ve now pretty much solidified the rendering (just quality/speed tradeoffs from here-on-out), I made an overview of how a frame gets rendered on the iPad version.

A few useful shortcuts

Jan 21, ’14

Hi there. Been a while (we’ve been very busy), but I figured I’d just share a few keyboard shortcuts we added to the editor window to make our life a bit easier: Find in Project (CMD-G)Starts a project view search. I use it all the time for quick access to an asset I want to edit Deselect (d)Clears the selection. Useful for seeing what you’re doing without the selection mesh. Center on ChildrenCenters a GameObject on its children. Create Group (CMD-SHIFT-G)Takes all objects in the selection and parents them to a new gameobject SceneView – numpad 7Moves to a top-down…

poor mans nested prefabs

Sep 12, ’13

One of the things we’re sorely missing from Unity is nested prefabs. So we rolled this little script to help us out – and figured other people could benefit as well. You just add this script to a gameobject, and point the prefab field at the prefab you want instantiated.