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frequently asked questions

by Nicholas Francis
Aug 29, 2014

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting quite a few questions about Static Sky. Thanks for the interest – it’s really nice that you care…

Since the same things come up, we thought we’d take the time to get the most common ones answered in one place…

If you have any other questions not covered here, just ask away in the comments…

Who are you?

We (framebunker) are three guys in Copenhagen. We’re making a game called Static Sky.

What is Static Sky?

Static Sky is a realtime 3rd-person tactical shooter set in a cyberpunk-themed future. In the game, you deploy one or more agents on various missions and use a combination of combat and hacking to progress. The game is being developed for the iPad.

iPad? Why?

There are a lot of reasons that we’re developing for the iPad, but the short version is that we believe in its potential for gaming and think that this is a game that can work really well on that platform.

Does designing for the iPad mean it will be free to play?

No. There are certain games in which free to play actually makes sense and is probably even the best choice for both players and developers, but we don’t believe that Static Sky is one of those games.

What about Android/PC/etc. ?

We’re focusing on making Static Sky the best possible game for the iPad. After we release it, we’ll see if it can become a good game on other platforms as well. If so, we’ll consider doing it. If not, we won’t. Some platforms seem obvious and straightforward (eg. Android tablets), but we’re trying to avoid thinking too much about any of them right now. It’s important to us that we’re making our design decisions based on what is best for Static Sky on iPad, not what might make things easier for us on some other platform down the line.

When will you release it?

When it’s done 😉

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