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oculus experiments

by Nicholas Francis
May 10, 2013

We got a Rift from the Oculus guys and have been playing around with it while working on Static Sky.

Today, we took the ancient Unity Race Car tutorial and added the Oculus Rift head controller to it. If you have a Rift and are interested in checking it out, there’s download links to it over in our swanky new media page.

The controls are cursor keys + space. If you hook up a PS3 controller to your mac, R2 is speeder, R1 is brake, Square is handbrake. No idea how that maps on windows.

We ended up putting the VR head on top of the car’s roof. Whenever you have a free-floating head, there’s a few options:

  • Inside the car – Being boxed in like that wasn’t awesome (so yeah, gimme a motorbike over a car racer any day for OVR
  • At the front bumper – awesome sense of speed, but with such a low view point it was hard to see what was coming on the road
  • Behind the car – The classic 3rd person camera for car games worked quite nicely. But the swing-around-to-show-what’s behind got really nauseating. I think this has some promise, but would need real work.

Anyways, head over to the media page to get a download. A few caveats apply:

  • Windows version is untested
  • On Mac, we had issues where the OS would squeeze the image. Be very careful about selecting the right res up front – for us, it was easiest to enable screen mirroring, and THEN launch

Have fun!

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