framebunker is an
independent game studio
based in copenhagen


May 16, ’13

One of the first things that we did at Framebunker was to create an internal wiki where we could start assembling our notes on Static Sky. A section of this wiki was devoted to defining the pantheon of megacorporations that would become the corporate backdrop of our game world. In this blog post, I’ll go into a little detail about our design process and the results, which we hope will offer an extra layer of depth to the world of Static Sky.

sketching cyberpunk faces

May 13, ’13

One of the really cool things about a microstudio like Framebunker (it is just two of us) is that you get to wear a lot of hats. This is probably something that many indie developers are already quite familiar with — one day you’re a level designer and the next you’re writing code. The day after that you’re sketching concept art.

oculus experiments

May 10, ’13

We got a Rift from the Oculus guys and have been playing around with it while working on Static Sky. Today, we took the ancient Unity Race Car tutorial and added the Oculus Rift head controller to it. If you have a Rift and are interested in checking it out, there’s download links to it over in our swanky new media page.

markers & attachment points

Apr 30, ’13

In Unity it’s quite common to need to mark specific transform children as attachment points. You have a character, and want to attach a gun to his hand. How do you find the hand?

unity singletons

Apr 26, ’13

I wanted to share how we go about doing singletons in Unity for Static Sky. This is one of Unity’s less polished areas, but with a bit of up-front work it can actually get pretty nice.

enemy guard concept art

Apr 25, ’13

I took a some time last week to step away from the code and work on a little concept art to address one of the challenges that we faced when building the prototype that we demoed at GDC: too much awesome in all the wrong places. Ok, picture this: The regional distribution and processing warehouse for the AIOMI corporation occupies the southwest corner of one of the hundreds of non-descript industrial parks that encircle the city. AIOMI security has logged exactly two incidents at this facility in the last six months — one involved a would-be vandal and the other…

hacking the static sky

Apr 16, ’13

The world of Static Sky pays homage to the “high tech and low life” focus of classic cyberpunk fiction. Hacking often plays a prominent role in these stories and we’re working hard to ensure that it is treated as a first-class game mechanic that opens opportunities for meaningful and emergent gameplay.

tears in the rain

Apr 9, ’13

If you’ve said Cyberpunk and Blade Runner, odds are you’re not making a world in sunset colors. Cyberpunk is hard, it is brutal. It is also a lovesong to the hard walls of the city. To me, it is very much genre that lets us experience the visceral beauty of a rainy street at night. So let’s talk about rain.

camera control

Apr 5, ’13

Complaints about camera micromanagement are common in reviews for 3D tactical shooters on touch devices. It makes sense — controlling the camera’s movement, rotation, and zooming while keeping touches distinct from issuing orders and commands is hard. Add in blocked visibility from hands and fingers on a device that is most likely being held while played, and you have a recipe for frustration. For Static Sky, we hope to avoid this common pitfall by removing camera management altogether and introducing a system for automatic camera control.


Apr 3, ’13

The vast majority of tablet games are utterly forgettable. Many of them are profitable and some of them are even fun, but few-if-any are the kind of games that will make it worthwhile hunting down an iPad emulator to re-play in 20 years.